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He and the opposite prisoners were being taken to the proper side in the Virgin's Area, to a substantial white household by having an immense backyard not much from your convent.

intensief بِشِدَّه، بِكَثافَه интезнивно intensivamente intenzivně intensiv intenst εντατικά intensivamente pingsalt بطور شدید intensiivisesti intensivement בְּמֶרֶץ अधिकता से intenzivno alaposan, behatóan, intenzíven secara intensif kröftuglega, rækilega intensivamente 集中的に 집중적으로 intensyviai intensīvi dengan intensif intensiefintenst, sterkt, intensivtintensywnie په سختى په شدت په تندۍ intensivamente intensiv интенсивно intenzívne intenzivno intenzivno intensivt อย่างมาก yoğun bir şekilde 加強地 інтенсивно; напружено انتہائی انداز میں một cách tập trung 强烈地,集中地

This was the central concept of Ritter's philosophy; his religion and his geography ended up just one, and also the consequent fervour with which he pursued his mission goes much to account with the immense influence he acquired in Germany.

This odd bathos involving the particular along with the immense is evident to us in tawdry pop music and times of solitary sublimity

"Flesh, bodies, cannon fodder!" he assumed, and he looked at his own bare overall body and shuddered, not from cold but from a way of disgust and horror he did not himself have an understanding of, aroused via the sight of that immense amount of bodies splashing about inside the filthy pond.

The amnesty which he granted was the beginning from the immense if limited-lived attractiveness which he was to enjoy.

On the immense variety of indications accompanying each and every important phenomenon, these historians choose the indicator of intellectual activity and read more say this indication could be the bring about.

"Telekinesis" is really an umbrella time period for any capacity that consists of utilizing the intellect to impact/manipulate/shift matter/objects. Fundamental degree

From particular cloistered previous authors I have collected that this similar sea-unicorn's horn was in historical days viewed as the great antidote versus poison, and as a result, preparations of it introduced immense charges.

But there were some boobies and bumpkins there, who, by their rigorous greenness, need to have originate from the heart and centre of all verdure.

At the entrance into the Arbat Sq. an immense expanse of darkish starry sky presented alone to his eyes.

adj. in·tens·er, in·tens·est 1. Possessing or exhibiting a distinctive function to an Extraordinary degree: the rigorous Sunlight of the tropics.

The swellings are identified to get resulting from a curious hypertrophy with the tissue with the section, the cells remaining crammed with an immense range of minute bacterium-like organisms of V, X or Y shape.

incredibly fantastic; exhibiting or getting good treatment etcetera. The law enforcement began an intensive hunt for the murderer; The medical center has just opened a completely new intensive care unit. intensief مُكَثَّف интезнивен intensivo intenzivní intensiv intensiv εντατικόςintensivo tõhus, pingne شدید؛ فشرده intensiivinen intensifאינטנסיבי वृद्धिकर, तीव्र intenzivna (skrb) intenzív intensif öflugur; gjörgæslu- intensivo, intenso 集中的な 집중적인 intensyvus intensīvs intensif intensiefintens, intensivintensywny ډيروونكى، تشديدوونكى، پياوړى كوونكى، متمركز(ګر) تاكيدى intensivo in­tensiv интенсивный intenzívny intenziven intenzivan intensiv อย่างมาก yoğun 加強的 інтенсивний, напружений زوردار tập trung 加强的,集中的,密集的,十分细致的

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